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Elizabeth Demas ChrittonElizabeth has been on both sides of the coin – from being on welfare twice to getting a corporate job and an MBA. 15 years ago she found herself caught up in a mass lay off from her sweet job, yet again left wondering how to care for her family. She turned to being an entrepreneur. From knocking on doors in her hometown, to owning a store, Elizabeth has sold nearly $7,000,000 worth of Avon – more than anyone in the country has ever sold.

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Show Notes:

  • She was driven to be an entrepreneur based on her past experiences.
  • Elizabeth’s number one habit is having habits built around a system.
    • She focuses and tries to figure out what will help her reach her goal.
    • She is her boss and her employee. She delegates which tasks need to be done and then does them.
  • Elizabeth had to fit work in when she could because it’s difficult to find time when you also have to raise two kids.
  • To makes sales, you have to talk to people!
  • Making sales shouldn’t be about selling a ton of product once, it should be about ensuring that customers will come back again because they trust you.
  • Entrepreneurship is all about trying new things and seeing what works.
  • The majority of people who succeed in starting new businesses have had mentors to help guide them.
  • Flexibility in your approach is essential for overcoming obstacles.
    • Yes, you must start with a list and a plan, but you also need to be able to adapt and make changes.
  • Marketing is huge.
    • A product can be terrible, but if it has great marketing people will still buy it.
  • Watch people who are successful and what they do to figure out if you’re on the right path.
  • Find your strengths and do what’s natural for you.
  • It’s important to find your passion and then give back to your community.

Elizabeth Demas Chritton’s Recharge Round

  1. Share with us how you believe your mindset affects your life? Scientific studies say that people who think they are luckier are actually luckier because those people are more ready and likely to grab onto opportunities that pass them.
  2. What do you do daily to bring Energy into your life? She watches a happy movie or does breathing exercises to help bring in energy.
  3. Share the number one connection that has made the biggest impact on your life? Her business mentor has kept her on track and has helped her be informed.
  4. What advice has Influenced you the most in your life? Someone she looked up to in her early 20s told her that they too were a “hot mess” and that a mentor taught them how to act more professionally.
  5. Recommend a book and share why you love it? Atomic Habits by James Clear
  6. Define in one sentence or less, what legacy you want to leave on the world?  She wants to be known as someone who put money in the hands of women via entrepreneurship.


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