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Monte Wyatt

As CEO of AddingZEROS, an executive development firm and one of the top coaches in ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Monte Wyatt brings over twenty-five years of remarkable leadership, business and personal development experience to executives and their organizations.
Monte’s brand promise is threefold – Advance a career. Transform a company. Achieve incredible results. To fulfill these promises, Monte defines what he does in four words:
Awareness: He helps you see things that you cannot see in yourself and your organization.
Education: He brings proven strategies in leadership and management, influencing up and down, hiring and training your team, strategic thinking and execution planning, communication adapting, business and personal development.
Implementation: He assists you in thinking through and putting the education into practice into your daily activities.
Discipline: Monte holds you accountable to your goals and actions that you commit to.

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Show Notes:

  • Monte’s number one habit is using a calendar every moment of every day.
    • There is no need to be always busy. Be productive.
  • A successful business is:
    1. Sustainable
    2. Predicatble
    3. Stable
    4. Consistent
    5. Emotional Connection
  • Being predictable in business development is all about:
    • Marketing – constant lead generation
    • Sales – converting leads into clients
    • Customer service – how you get customers to come back
  • Everyone in a company should know how to treat a customer.
  • Leadership and management are not the same.
    • Leadership creates passionate and focused people.
    • Management creates competent and productive people.
  • Just because you don’t have a title doesn’t mean you’re not a leader.
  • Mindset drives every result out there.
    • It drives our days.
  • Monte has benefitted from an abundant mindset.
    • “How can we?”
    • There are all kinds of opportunities out there.
  • The 5 disciplines of exponential growth are:
    1. Strategy
    2. Business development
    3. People
    4. Execution
    5. Mission
  • It’s all about organizational discipline.
    • No matter who is executing a task, have a discipline to guide your employees in a company.
    • It creates sustainability.
  • Be conscious of your constituents.
    • Stakeholders
    • Customers
    • Team
      • When the team is satisfied, they will satisfy the customer.
    • Community
    • The Company itself
      • Everyone in your business should work toward doing something that will outlast their time with business.
  • It takes time to get things right.

Monte Wyatt’s Recharge Round

  1. Share with us how you believe your mindset affects your life? You have to start your day with positivity. A million things go wrong everyday, but it’s about how you react to it.
  2. What do you do daily to bring Energy into your life? He subscribes to daily emails and texts that are a couple of lines of inspiring messages. He also exercises first thing in the morning.
  3. Share the number one connection that has made the biggest impact on your life? Jeffery Gittmer has challenged the way he thinks.
  4. What advice has Influenced you the most in your life? “Be x do = have.” To have what you want in life you have to be the right person and do the right things.
  5. Recommend a book and share why you love it?  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
  6. Define in one sentence or less, what legacy you want to leave on the world?  No matter what he’s doing he wants every person that he has interacted with to grow personally or professionally because of something they’ve talked about or that he has taught them.




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