Small Business Answer Man Podcast with Gary Wilbers: Episode 262 with Sam Feeney - Ascending Beyond Your Current Plateau in Business and Life

Ep: 262 Sam Feeney

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Ascending Beyond Your Current Plateau in Business and Life

Sam Feeney

Sam Feeney is a consultant and coach who helps business leaders achieve more by asking questions they’ve been ignoring.

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What problem do you solve?

How business owners can ascend beyond their current plateaus where they are feeling stuck.

Show Notes:

  • Why is getting good enough, not good enough? — Sam thought about this question and realized you may reach a plateau when you feel you have reached good enough and it can prevent you from achieving more.
  • We segment our lives and think that the things that happen at work doesn’t affect our home life or vise versa.
  • Sometimes if we are doing really well in one area and are getting recognized and applauded, we may neglect other areas.
    • You don’t want to come home one day with a pocket full of money and realize your home is full of strangers.
  • Sam uses a metaphor of a tree.
    • The roots are your identity and faith.
    • The fruit is your career, health, finances, and relationships.
    • The trunk that connects the roots and fruit is your mission. (Sam loves to help people walk through and define their mission.)
  • If the roots aren’t in good shape, the rest will not do well.
  • Acres of Diamonds was a lecture by Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University in 1869. Conwell says you have what you need in hand, put your shovel in the ground and start.
  • Sam’s book, Why Aren’t You Thriving?: A Man’s Guide to Asking Tough Questions and Getting Better in 7 Core Areas, is designed for you to not read the whole book. There is an assessment at the end that will determine how you are doing in 7 key areas.
  • The book will help you determine your individual path. It is available at

Sam Feeney’s Best Small Business Tip: Read the book, Who Not How, by Dan Sullivan. It broke him out of the scarcity mindset.

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