Small Business Answer Man Podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode #263 with Shawn Buttner: Achieving a Successful Pivot in Your Business

Ep: 263 Shawn Buttner

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Achieving a Successful Pivot in Your Business

Shawn Buttner is a Certified High Performance Coach and host of The Meaningful Revolution Podcast. He specializes in helping business owners and professionals define and implement their purposeful impacts and best lives.

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What problem do you solve? How to pivot and when to be thinking about that with your business.

Show Notes:

  • Shawn had done software engineering previously. He originally was in business and then started in the technology area about 15 years ago. As he progressed in his business he realized he wanted and could really utilize the ability to coach his employees. He became a Certified High Performance Coach and began to focus more on that.
  • Waiting to pivot can delay your progress into your new adventure.
  • Pivoting can get you to your next level of performance. First, you need to get really crystal clear on what your next level will look like. It’s also important to look at what’s working and doubling down on that.
  • Pivoting is part emotional management. As you pivot and try to gain momentum you need to realize that it may not happen immediately. You need to reflect and see that you are doing the right things and then give it some space to happen.
  • People generally want 3 things: Joy, Growth and Impact in the world. Try to find that joy in your business and connecting with that can help you in your business.
  • Also, keep looking at getting to the next level in your health and relationships. When these are at their best it will give you the energy for your business too.
  • Shawn has been calling January, Batch-uary. He is trying to do more batching of his work to become more efficient. Batching is a productivity tool. You get into a rhythm and are able to accomplish more in a short time.

Shawn Buttner’s Best Small Business Tip: Know when to pivot — Knowing when to stick with something and when to let go of something. Knowing when something is working.

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