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Ep: 272 Kevin Davis

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4 Pillars Of Health To Keep You Young And Strong

Kevin Davis is a Physician Assistant who has been in practice for over 25 years. He brings his experience to help you find the root of your problems so you can optimize your health. Kevin is the author of the book Young & Strong at 40 & beyond.

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Show Notes:

  • Kevin wrote a book titled Young and Strong at 40 and Beyond. In his book he discusses 4 pillars of health.
    • The first pillar is Diet. Kevin had found that he was eating like traditional teaching had recommended but was still not feeling great as he got older.
      • Limit sugar.
      • Limit processed foods.
      • Change the way you eat and the way you feed your body.
    • Exercise and building muscle is key to maintain weight loss.
      • If you concentrate on building muscle you are more successful than if you try to lose fat.
      • “You can be the youngest person at the nursing home or the oldest person at the gym.” You choose. It is important to increase muscle mass to stay healthy.
      • Sleep is critical to building muscle because growth hormone is released during sleep.
    • Another pillar is prayer.
      • Kevin also takes deep breaths during prayer to help with relaxation.
      • Prayer before meals also helps with digestion.
    • The fourth pillar is sleep.
      • This pillar is the hardest one to take care of.
      • If you are having trouble sleeping, the first thing you should do is get up in the morning and go for a walk to help reset your circadian rhythm.
    • Kevin’s book gives a lot of information on things to do and when to seek help. He wrote the book to help others and share the different things that can help people.
    • Kevin does health coaching.

Kevin Davis’s Best Small Business Tip:

Don’t wait to start to improve your health. Changes now can make a big difference in how you feel in the future.

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