Small Business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 291 featuring Justin Janowski - High-Integrity Sales Strategies

Ep: 291 Justin Janowski

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High-Integrity Sales Strategies

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Justin Janowski has helped hundreds of coaches build their dream businesses from the ground up. Driven by his faith, he founded Faith2Influence to help people learn what it takes to turn coaching into a profitable business venture. Justin has guided Christian and non-Christian coaches alike through the rewarding process of optimizing business models, pricing, and sales strategies so that they can scale their income alongside their impact. He has a passion for sharing this process with emerging Entrepreneurs to help them simplify and grow their businesses the right way. Justin currently lives in Milwaukee with his beautiful wife, Kara, and their playful kiddos, Grace and Gavin.

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What problem do you solve? 

Justin is going to help us sell more with ease in an honest way.

Show Notes:

  • Justin has been in sales since he was 18.
  • Justin wants to encourage others. If you are called to do something, go and do it even if you are scared.
  • Fear around selling can come from old stories or bad experiences. These stories might say that sales are pushy or greedy.
  • You can rewrite that story. Sales with you can feel good, fun and easy.
  • Many Christians self-sabotage because they feel money is evil. They need to remember that the love of money is evil. If you use your money to help others it can be a benefit.
  • Being transparent is an important part of sales. A good start is to start with a pre-frame so that the customer knows what the conversation is going to look like and what they can expect.
  • We can be persistent without being pushy by asking good questions, being curious and validating what they are feeling.
  • Be focused in your business to do the things to increase sales.

Justin Janowski’s Best Small Business Tip:

Make sure you keep the main the the main thing. The main thing is SALES!

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