Small Business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 297 featuring Josh Fonger - Making More While Working Less

Ep: 297 Josh Fonger

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Making More While Working Less

Josh Fonger is a consultant, coach, and speaker who is recognized as the leading authority in Business Performance Architecture and CEO of WTS Enterprises. He helped hundreds of businesses grow simply using the WTS Method, from working “in” their businesses to working “on” their businesses.

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What problem do you solve? 

Help ambitious business owner break free of the day-to-day and working their tails off by working on systems and processes.

Show Notes:

  • Yoyo business is where a business grows and then they hit a plateau and then just kind of go up and down. The business is often their own deterrent to growth. This comes from a continuous back and forth shift from sales to customer service.
  • Working on systems and processes can help alleviate the yoyo situation.
  • It’s important for business owners to realize their business is a separate entity from themselves. That allows them to look at their business more objectively.
  • Concentrate on doing the important, not urgent thing. Create the system. It makes your business scalable.
  • It is crucial to document your systems and processes.
  • Look at your company as a collection of systems.
  • Take your biggest problem and create a system and then hand it over.
  • Document it, delegate it and free up your time.

Josh Fonger’s Best Small Business Tip:

You probably don’t need more information. You need to assimilate the right information in the right order to take you where you want to go. Get someone from the outside to hold you accountable.

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