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Ep: 298 Richard Moran

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Never Say Whatever

RICHARD A. MORAN is a Silicon Valley-based business leader, workplace pundit, bestselling author, venture capitalist, former CEO and college president. He is best known for his series of humorous business books beginning with the bestselling, Never Confuse a Memo with Reality, and is credited with starting the genre of “Business Bullet Books.” His body of work includes 10 books about using commonsense in business. He is the host of the CBS syndicated radio program, “In the Workplace.” Rich has appeared on CNN, NPR, and most major media outlets.

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What problem do you solve? 

Richard will help business owners solve the problem of decision making and simplify it.

Show Notes:

  • Richard’s message is to stop saying the word “Whatever” because you come across as a slacker. You also are not making a decision and every decision matters even the small ones.
  • When you are faced with a decision – make it.
  • Research shows that the decision you would make in the first few minutes is usually also the decision you would make 2 weeks later so go ahead and make the decision instead of delaying.
  • Gut decisions are okay as long as you a very familiar with a topic. You can also use pros and cons or an algorithm such as if this then that.
  • Do not let your emotions be a part of your decision-making. Be self-aware of your feelings.
  • You need to clarify your intentions. If you have the clarification it makes your decisions easier.
  • Sometimes, it can be very efficient to make the same decision.
  • Richard’s book is Never Say Whatever: How Small Decisions Make a Big Difference

Richard Moran’s Best Small Business Tip:

Pay attention to the small decisions. Sometimes it’s the small decisions that really end up mattering.

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