Small Business Answer Man podcast with Gary Wilbers - Episode 302 featuring Cam Hall - How to fight the dad bod

Ep: 302 Cam Hall

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How To Fight The Dad Bod

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Cam Hall is a husband, father, educational leader, and entrepreneur. Cam believes that all Men are called to live Fit, Healthy, and Fulfilled lives, and that every man can make a positive impact on those around him. He is founder of the Fight the Dad Bod coaching program, host of the Dads Making A Difference Podcast, and Leader of The DMD Mastermind.

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What problem do you solve? 

Cam is going to solve effectiveness. He is going to help you be more effective by optimizing your health. Controlling your health will allow you to control your time and money. You will become effective and efficient in all you do.

Show Notes:

  • Cam thinks business owners neglect their health because they don’t prioritize it. They aren’t being lazy but they might drift with all the activities that are happening in their lives. 
  • The 4th quarter is the best time to prepare yourself for success in the new year.
  • To prioritize our health we have to change or shift our mindset. Changing our health will optimize our business. We will be more effective and make more sales and make a bigger impact.
  • When you think about food, we realize we enjoy food when we are with others. We do not enjoy it when we are not using it appropriately.
  • A healthy relationship with food is when we realize it is fuel. When we fuel our body effectively we have a clear mind, we sleep better, we handle stresses of life better, and we can build muscle better.
  • We need to provide as a business owner but we also need to be present.
  • Diet is a bad word. When we hear it we think depravation.
  • You need to make a plan and follow it. Take 1 step and build on it. The foundation is to get more sleep. Then work on the food aspect. And third, implement more activity.
  • When we think about sleep, we think about recharging our body.
  • To figure out sleep, start with 7 and then move up in 15-minute increments. Set a bedtime and go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. The next week, put 15 minutes on the beginning or end of your bedtime.
  • Fuel the body: PFC every 3 = Protein, fats and carbohydrates every 3 hours.
  • Within 1 hour of waking eat a breakfast. In 3 hours fuel your body again.
  • The balance is 5 ounces of protein, 5 ounces of carbohydrates and 1-2 ounces of fat. This will help balance your blood sugar.
  • For activity, start simple. Just do it! You can progress from there.
  • We also need to build muscle to help burn calories. Start simple with bodyweight exercises. 
  • 7 steps to lose 7 pounds in 7 days at

Cam Hall’s Best Small Business Tip:

Take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t do the rest.

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