Small Business Answer Man with Gary Wilbers - Ramon Ray - A Guide to Becoming Celebrity CEO for Small Business Owners Ep: 306

Ep: 306 Ramon Ray

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A Guide to Becoming Celebrity CEO for Small Business Owners

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Ramon Ray is publisher of and brand strategist at – he’s an in-demand motivational speaker, best selling author and serial entrepreneur. He’s started 5 companies and has sold 3 of them.

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What problem do you solve?

In today’s episode, Ramon will help us solve problems regarding the need for more attention and its impact on sales and trust for small business owners. 

Small Business Answer Man Show notes:

  • Ramon introduces the concept of being a “celebrity CEO,” emphasizing the importance of personal branding. He suggests that business owners should put themselves out there, become a recognizable face in their industry, and leverage their personal brand to gain trust and attract more customers. 
  • Ramon stresses the importance of attention in building trust and making sales. In a crowded marketplace, getting noticed and standing out can be a critical factor for success. 
  • Ramon highlights the value of podcasts as a medium for gaining visibility and showcasing expertise. This is a valuable tool for small business owners looking to share their knowledge and connect with their target audience.
  • Regularly posting on social media is considered a great strategy to capture attention. It keeps your business in the minds of your audience and helps maintain an active online presence.
  • Hosting local events or awards can showcase expertise and help gain recognition in your community. This is particularly relevant for businesses with a local focus.
  • Ramon emphasizes the power of writing and promoting a book as a strategy for gaining attention. It positions the author as an expert in their field and can open up various opportunities.
  • Ramon discusses the importance of tailoring your strategies based on the scope of your business, whether it’s local, national, or international. What works for one may not work for another, so customization is key.
  • He emphasizes the importance of persistence and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Small business owners must be flexible and willing to make necessary changes to stay competitive.
  • He shares insights from “The Like Switch” highlighting the gradual process of building trust. Trust is not something that happens overnight, and it requires consistent effort and positive experiences.
  • Creating positive experiences for customers is vital for building loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.
  • Ramon suggests various strategies, such as podcasting, social media, events, and books, to gain attention and proactively work on personal branding.
  •  He advises business owners to add value to others, emphasizing the long-term benefits of this approach. Building strong relationships and providing value can lead to sustained success.
  •  Ramon mentions a blueprint on his website derived from his book “Celebrity CEO,” which can guide businesses in personal branding. This resource may provide practical steps for small business owners.
  • Ramon encourages listeners to share recent successes on social media as a form of self-promotion. Sharing achievements can help showcase expertise and build trust.

Ramon Ray’s Best Small Business Tip:

Small business owners are urged to keep going, tweak, innovate, navigate challenges, learn from others, and not give up. Perseverance is key in the entrepreneurial journey.

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