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Ep: 313 Scot Drinkard

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Mindful Entrepreneurship with Scot Drinkard

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Scot Drinkard has been an entrepreneur for 30 years, with a portfolio of over 20 companies. Scot has faced many challenges along the way, in business and personal life.

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What business problem do you solve?

In this episode, Scot delves into the intricate challenge entrepreneurs often face: the delicate balance between the demanding nature of their work and the imperative of maintaining personal health.

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • Scot discusses the difficulty entrepreneurs have balancing intense work demands with personal health.
  • He shares the trajectory of his early entrepreneurial journey, recounting the inevitable growth pains and the burden of an overwhelming workload.
  • Scot shares his early entrepreneurship journey, growth pains, and excessive workload.
  • He credits joining a mastermind group with providing entrepreneur support.
  • Scot shares insights into his leadership philosophy, highlighting the crucial role of promoting open communication and empathetic leadership within his team. 
  • He views the importance of treating his team like family and fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and well-being.
  • Scot draws strength from his spirituality and faith in navigating the professional and personal obstacles inherent in entrepreneurship.
  • According to Scot, building company culture starts with clear communication, empathy, and treating staff like family.
  • His story emphasizes the vital role played by support networks, empathetic leadership, and the grounding impact of spirituality when navigating the intricate challenges involved in establishing and maintaining a thriving business.

Scot Drinkard’s Small Business Tip:

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to blur the lines between personal and professional life. Scot emphasizes the importance of carving out personal time, nurturing relationships, and avoiding the pitfalls of overworking for sustained mental and emotional well-being.