Small Business Answer Man | Ep# 314 | Jamie Smith | Navigating Maslow's Strategies in Entrepreneurship

Ep: 314 Jamie Smith

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Navigating Maslow’s Stages in Entrepreneurship

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Dr. James M. Smith is a licensed professional counselor in Jefferson City, MO. He currently works as the outpatient lead therapist at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital Behavioral Health. He has been in the mental health field for 18 years and specializes in addiction, severe, persistent mental illness, and trauma. His dissertation explored the lived experiences of men disclosing childhood sexual abuse. Jamie (as most people call him) is married to his amazing wife Lesley and has three supervillain genius-level kids, Jacob, Caitlin, and Nathaniel. He is the proud servant of a Golden Retriever named Trooper. He is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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What business problem do you solve?

In this episode, Dr. Jamie Smith, a licensed counselor, explores the practical application of psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The discussion revolves around gaining a deeper understanding of our mental well-being and enhancing leadership abilities.

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • Dr. Jamie Smith provides an insightful exploration of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, starting from the foundational levels of physiology and safety, and progressing towards higher stages of belonging and esteem. 
  • He further discusses the importance of understanding how our brain works to take care of ourselves and others. 
  • He emphasizes that losing a sense of safety amidst business uncertainty can impact mental well-being.    
  • Dr. Jamie Smith talked about how “Living on purpose” and aligning actions to values prevents sacrificing what’s most important 
  • He also talks about the importance of being intentional about how time and energy are invested, enabling individuals to exert control over their genuine priorities.
  • The conversation highlights the significance of belonging, not only within the team but also in personal relationships.  
  • Finally, Dr. Jamie Smith talks about how a dilemma emerges as entrepreneurs sometimes prioritize business success to the detriment of family and intimate connections, prompting reflection on the balance between professional and personal spheres.

Dr. Jamie Smith’s Best Small Business Tip:

According to him, burnout can hinder productivity and creativity, so stepping back when needed ensures long-term success. Remember, a well-balanced life contributes to sustained business growth.

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