Small Business Answer Man | Heidi Schalk | Ep: 315 | Importance of Partnership in Entrepreneurship

Ep: 315 Heidi Schalk

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Heidi Schalk is a business strategy and leadership coach, author, speaker, and host of the Be S.H.E. Podcast (Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Empowered.). She has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and The Daily Herald. Heidi spent the past 5 years helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build 6 figure businesses they love through her M.O.N.E.Y Mastery System.

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What business problem do you solve?

In this episode, Heidi Schlack, business strategy and leadership coach, shares her journey and expertise in helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges and achieve success. 

Small Business Answer Man Shownotes:

  • The podcast starts off by introducing Heidi Schlack as a business strategy and leadership coach, author, speaker, and host of the Be She podcast. 
  • Heidi’s expertise in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build successful businesses. 
  • Heidi’s journey started six years ago during a challenging period. 
  • She navigated a divorce and the need for financial security. 
  • Despite starting with health and wellness, she shifted her focus to coaching women in leadership. 
  • Heidi emphasizes on the significance of human connection, live interactions, and the collaborative power of networks. 
  • She also talks about the necessity of asking for help, reaching out for support, and building a collaborative community. 
  • Furthermore, she emphasizes on the importance of finding the right fit when selecting a coach. 
  • She also highlighted the significance of a compatible partnership. 
  • In the end, Heidi addressed challenges related to email and time management. 
  • She encourages entrepreneurs to set boundaries, prioritize tasks, and create dedicated time for self-care. 

Heidi Schalk’s Best Small Business Tip:

Heidi Schlack emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability and seeking support. Small business owners can benefit by acknowledging that they don’t have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone. 

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