Positive Training = Positive Action

Training is the Preparation to be Proactive Not Reactive

Creating a positive culture that ensures peak performance and sustainable profitability is complex. Using our twenty plus years of bringing positive cultural change and experience our training programs have been carefully designed with the necessary ingredients that will help you achieve the change you desire. You will become the behavioral change agent making you the sought after organizational leader of your company. 

Training The Way You Want It!

Gary Wilbers, Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Certified High Performance Coach
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Taking your objectives into consideration, and providing you with the correct instrument for learning.


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You will find out that getting started now is easier than you ever thought it could be! You aren’t alone in this anymore, so you can stop feeling that way. Get your Positive Culture Roadmap started TODAY!

Success Stories

  • “We scheduled our team to come together to do the extended DISC series for half a day. There’s been some tension in the office and we walked out of that realizing that we’re all very different but we’re all very valued and how we can communicate better with each other. We have improved as a leadership team. It was amazing because it helped everyone on our team understand each other.”

    Stephanie Johnson
  • “Your High Achievers Leadership Training provided the tools for me to attack my day in a methodical, strategic way in order to navigate the challenges which go hand in hand with a fast- paced workplace. As I have slowly implemented the strategies you shared, I am gaining on a better work life balance and hopefully becoming the leader I want to be for our community and that I serve!”

    Ann Bax
  • “Every organization has leaders and followers and you have those individuals that want to be leaders. Ascend brings those characteristics out of the followers and help enhance the leaders that you currently have. Gary’s training is a great follow through for your natural leaders and it’s a great education for those you want to bring further on. I gained quite a bit personally from the training. Just the small things that Gary brings to your attention and the characteristics of good leaders and managers. It has benefited our team greatly and has put things into perspective.”

    John Wheeler