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Scott Wilhite

To others it looked like Scott Wilhite had an enviable life. Outside, he was an award-winning commercial film director; inside he was empty, frustrated, and ready to explode. On a trip to Cambodia something happened that changed his life. The poor, impoverished people of that region had something he lacked and desperately wanted—a natural sense of peace and contentment. This began his journey to find lasting fulfillment. Now he’s systemized it. He’s the creator of the Feed Your Happy app, the best-selling author of The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness, and the instructor in the GetHappyNow.LIFE online course.
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Show Notes:

  • Scott considers himself a gifted artist that tries to serve those who are stuck behind the prison walls of their own mind.
    • He understands them because he’s had that same struggle.
  • Scott’s number one habit is having a regular morning routine.
    • It helps him focus and get a clear mind for the day while having a grateful attitude.
  • Scott once heard that you can’t be grateful and unhappy at the same time, so he decided to put it to the test.
    • Once he started practicing and doing gratitude, everything changed.
  • Scott’s trip to Cambodia sparked an awareness in him.
    • He did not see any sad people.
    • They lived in gratitude.
  • Rarely do we ever live right here, right now.
  • They say that if you’re…
    • … worried and anxious that you’re living in the future.
    • … depressed that you’re living in the past.
  • If you become present and live intentionally then you can do more and aren’t tossed around by life.
    • You want to run around creating, not reacting.
  • We have more power than we think.
  • The 3 skill sets Scott talked about today are:
    • Being grateful
    • Savoring the moment / Being fully present
    • Lifting someone else up

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