Ep: 154 Season 12 Recap


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The time has come again to do a recap. With the fourth quarter of 2020 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the twelfth season. It’s hard to believe that we have done almost 3 years of podcasting!

Each guest that we have had on the podcast has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our twelfth season of podcasts.

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Show Notes:

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Ep: 142 David Sears

  • In episode 142, David taught the CHARGErs how to operate in dynamic environments and utilize CRISP thinking to grow their professional life.

Ep: 143 Thom King

  • Thom King’s health tips are essential for any podcast listener looking to improve their health in the new year.

Ep: 144 Gary Wilbers

Ep: 145 Jen Thornton

  • Jen Thornton is a leadership expert who has used her framework to help teams around the globe work more fluidly with each other.

Ep: 146 Peter Winick

  • Peter Winick prides himself in being a Thought Leader and wants to help others become Thought Leaders in their professional careers as well.

Ep: 147 Clint Padgett

  • In episode 147, Clint shares his experiences in business and what they have helped him learn for creating a more productive workplace.

Ep: 148 Jared Curry

  • Jared Curry is only 19 years old but brings a lot of knowledge and advice to episode 148 of the CHARGE podcast!

Ep: 149 Dr. James F Richardson

  • Dr. James Richardson brings his unique experiences from academia to business in podcast 149 where CHARGErs can learn ways to strategically plan for their product.

Ep: 150 Dolores Hirschmann

  • Dolores Hirschmann shares how she was able to harness the strength of clarity in her life in order to implement virtual business growth systems for others.

Ep: 151 Nina Venturella

  • In episode 151, Nina Venturella shares her knowledge as a Certified Nutrition Specialist to help CHARGErs understand how they can get “good stuff in” at the same time that they get “bad stuff out.”

Ep: 152 Tommy Breedlove

  • Tommy Breedlove is an expert in living a legendary life and wants to help you understand how you can live one too in episode 152!

Ep: 153 Ryan Carr

  • In episode 153, Ryan Carr shares his experiences as a Sport Performance Supervisor and how high performance can help you in many areas of your life!

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