Ep: 167 Season 13 Recap


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The time has come again to do a recap. With the first quarter of 2021 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the thirteenth season. It’s hard to believe that we have done 3 years of podcasting!

Each guest that we have had on the podcast has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our thirteenth season of podcasts.


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Show Notes:

Ep: 155 Mandy Barbee Lanier

  • Mandy Barbee Lanier is the founder of Palladium Mind and speaks to CHARGERS about her knowledge on emotions, thoughts, and feelings and how they affect professionals.

Ep: 156 Lance Woodbury

  • In episode 156, Lance shares his expertise on family businesses and how to efficiently deal with conflict in such a unique type of business.

Ep: 157 Anne Rulo

  • Anne Rulo’s experience as a marriage and family therapist informs her outlook, and she shares the lessons she has learned with the podcast listeners in episode 157.

Ep: 158 Jonathan DeYoe

  • Jonathan has been a financial advisor for over 25 years and shares his views on money with the listeners of the CHARGE podcast.

Ep: 159 Dr. Evi Prokopi

  • In episode 159, Dr. Evi Prokopi talks about success and her journey working with people from over 58 countries.

Ep: 160 Frank Agin

  • Frank has done a lot from authoring several books to hosting a networking podcast to empowering entrepreneurs, and he shares this experience with the podcast listeners and offers them advice on networking.

Ep: 161 Steve Kahan

  • Steve Kahan has had experience growing six start-ups from the ground up and shares the information he has learned from these experiences in podcast 161.

Ep: 162 Pete Paciorek

  • In episode 162, Pete Paciorek shares his passion as a youth coach and mentor and tells listeners about how he believes that youth sports have the power to impact children.

Ep: 163 Lamar Hunt Jr.

  • Gary has gotten to know Lamar Hunt Jr. quite well during this second interview with him, and Lamar Hunt Jr. shares his knowledge and experience with CHARGE listeners so that they can have a more fulfilling spiritual life.

Ep: 164 Tyler Sullivan

  • In episode 164, Tyler talks about his experiences with his business and how he has learned to delegate and use ads to grow his potential.

Ep: 165 Sean Campbell

  • Sean has trained and mentored others for all his life, and in episode 165 of the CHARGE podcast he shares what he has learned to help others achieve more.

Ep: 166 Mark Shaiken

  • Mark Shaiken spent over 40 years in law and just left one day! In episode 166, he shares how he has started to do what he’s passionate about and how this has given him a drive to change the world a little every day.

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