3 Strategies To Create Habits That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Let’s say you meet three people at a cocktail party and you wanted to find out how to become successful from each person, what would you ask them? How would you know if they were telling you something of value or if they were just giving you lip service? In this blog, I will share that the habits you create will determine how successful you will be in life.

Early in my career, I struggled with my weight because my daily habits and choices were not in alignment with the outcome I desired. I used the excuse “I am too busy” or “I don’t have enough time to make these changes.” As you can see from the picture below, I weighed 275 lbs, and I was out of shape. The reason I was this way was because of my bad habits. You may have other bad habits like spending too much time on social media, being easily distracted, and lack of productivity. You name the challenge, and I will tell you it most likely has to do with your habits and how you are responding to this issue.

Let me share 3 strategies you can do to create habits that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. CHARGE = Create Habits Around Real Goals Every day is my mantra, but it is also a method you can use to discipline yourself to change things you want in your life. If I want to lose weight, I need to learn to exercise and change my eating habits. Set a goal to exercise “x” number of times per week. Change your habit of eating out for lunch and instead bring your healthy lunch. Create little rules to discipline yourself like no eating buffets when going out to eat.
  2. The 5 Second Rule is a book Mel Robbins wrote about how you can make major life changes by a simple rule of 5-4-3-2-1. This simple method is a blueprint for taking action that is simple to use, easy to remember, actually works, and is backed by science. Check out her book to learn more about how you can create habits to increase confidence, increase productivity, develop a powerful mindset, make more money, feel in greater control, pursue your dreams, plus much more.
  3. Atomic Habits by James Clear is another book that will help you make tiny changes to create remarkable results. Clear helps you create an easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones. He reveals how the minuscule changes can grow into life-altering outcomes. He knows the real change comes from the compound effect. These small changes will have a transformative effect on your career, your relationships, and your life.

If you are willing to do the work to create better habits, you will be the person at that same cocktail party, one, two, or five years later. You will be the one the attendees will be asking how you accomplished your goals? You will be able to sit back and say it is all about the daily habits that allow me to have success in my professional and personal life.

If you want to get serious about changing your habits, pick up the two books I recommended. If you are looking for an accountability coach, I am willing to provide you with a FREE Discovery Call to discuss how you can change your habits to create the future you want in life. Schedule your call now: https://bookme.name/garywilbers/lite/habc-discovery. I told you about my weight issue at the beginning of this blog. The journey to make that change started on November 18, 2002, in 11 months I lost 75 lbs because I created new habits of exercising, and I changed my eating habits. As you can see from this picture it has been almost 20 years since the day I started. This one change has allowed me to create success in my professional and personal life.

Are you ready to create habits around real goals every day?

Make it a GREAT day!

Gary Wilbers