Business Coach and Motivational Speaker's Charge Podcast with Dolores Hirschmann, founder of Masters in Clarity

Ep 150: Dolores Hirschmann

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Dolores HirschmannDolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Masters in Clarity, a strategy and coaching company that helps clients clarify their message and implement virtual business growth systems. Dolores has been a remote employee and virtual business owner for over 20 years. As a former TEDx organizer, Dolores understands how to help experts, authors, consultants, coaches, doctors and other service business owners position themselves as thought leaders in their field and scale their business.

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Show Notes:

  • Dolores’ number one habit is her created rhythm in daily life for remote working.
    • She doesn’t have to think about her daily routines.
    • She doesn’t think about work during her home time and leaves her phone downstairs during work time.
  • Dolores has three tips for online and distant learning:
    1. Have a space that is your workspace. Do your regular routine as if you’re headed to go “to” work.
    2. Meet your colleagues, partners, and team members. Find a way to have a water cooler moment.
    3. Be kind to yourself and have achievable goals.
  • Dolores’ niche is clarity.
  • She went back to school at 38 and started coaching.
    • Others told her that they can always count on her to sort things out and think things through for them.
  • Entrepreneurs have trouble with self-doubt.
    • It’s about having consistency and commitment over chasing That Fleeting One Thing.
  • Finding the balance between clarity and uncertainty helps you move forward.
  • A system is a recipe.
    • It lets you never miss a step in delivering your experience to your client.
  • Dolores wants you to grab a pen and piece of paper and ask yourself:
    • What would I do for free all day long?
      • Figure out how this aligns with your work and do it for free for a month to transform your business!
  • Dolores learned how much of a community business owner’s have with their clients and how important that is.
  • The future of not taking an action is pretty clear.
    • You will feel the same thing you’re feeling today, tomorrow.

Dolores Hirschmann’s Recharge Round

  1. Share with us how you believe your mindset affects your life? She will behave the way she believes.
  2. What do you do daily to bring Energy into your life? She works out and connects with people.
  3. Share the number one connection that has made the biggest impact on your life? Her connection with herself is her number one connection. Don’t break up with yourself!
  4. What advice has Influenced you the most in your life? You got it, girl.
  5. Recommend a book and share why you love it? Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
  6. Define in one sentence or less, what legacy you want to leave on the world? Clarity. She wants to leave the world the frameworks for clarity so that people have something to hold onto as they take steps forward.






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