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Ep: 109 David Caperton

Dave Caperton speaks and writes about the benefits of a joyful mindset and the power of one person to effect cultural change with small actions that meet emotional needs, build trust and lead to more individual happiness and less stress. He has presented for over...
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Ep: 108 Marilise De Villiers

As a high performance coach, Marilise de Villiers’s passion is helping people grow, be successful and happy. She runs her own business, working predominantly with cybersecurity executives to promote the integral role that people and organizational cultures play in keeping society safe in our digital...
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Ep: 107 Greg Tobias

Greg Tobias runs GT Business Advisory, a firm that helps small business owners ensure the financial success of their businesses and write themselves bigger paychecks.  He applies his background as a management consultant and data analytics expert to show his clients the roadmap to mastering...
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Ep: 106 Nick Baker

Nick Baker is from a small town in Oklahoma and began his journey when he was 15 years old. Nick was a very shy, overweight and unhealthy teen and was looking for a change.  He was inspired to workout after watching a TV personal trainer...
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Ep: 105 Jennifer Eggers

Jennifer is the founder of LeaderShift Insights®. She works with leadership teams facing disruption who want to increase their organization’s capacity to adapt so they can emerge stronger and more effective faster. A speaker, coach and consultant with a passion for creating personal insights that...
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Ep: 104 Laura Albers

Laura Albers is a mental health therapist, a master certified wellness coach, and owner of Albers Mind & Body Wellness. She received her master coaching certification through the International Association of Wellness Professionals and is now a Master Coach Leader, helping their students hone their...
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Ep: 103 Anna Marie DeGiorgio

As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, Anna Marie De Giorgio can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose. For over 20 years Anna Marie De Giorgio has worked with individuals, and businesses by helping them build their dreams,...
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Ep: 102 Season 8 Recap

The time has come again to do a recap. With the fourth quarter of 2019 just wrapping up we are going to do a season recap on the eighth season. It’s hard to believe that we have already done over 100 podcasts! Each guest that...
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Ep: 101 Joe Newberry (Part 2)

Joe Newberry has spent his career excelling in many different fields including telecommunications, executive management and leadership, and now in finance with Veterans United Home Loans, the number one VA Lender in the Country. Joe’s team is the #1 partnered production VA team in the country...
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