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Ep: 013 Season 1 Recap with Benjamin Struemph

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CHARGEIt’s hard to believe that we have already had 12 guests on the CHARGE Podcast. It is amazing how fast this comes up. It seems like we just started the podcast yesterday. Here is a recap of the first episodes.

Each guest that we have had on the podcast, has taught us something different. Below are just a few of the highlights from our first season of podcasts.

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Show Notes:

  • Ep: 001 Antoine Dupont
    • Video, video, video.
    • Video has had significantly more traction that other posts on our social media.
    • You have to learn to educate yourself.
    • You have to have resilience in business and life
  • Ep: 002 Clyde Lear
    • Started a company in Jefferson City.
    • Faith has been a major part of his life.
    • People is what makes your business successful.
    • You need to be a servant leader.
    • Has been a great mentor to young people.
  • Ep: 003 John O’Leary
  • Ep: 004 Tom Ziglar
    • Zig Ziglar’s quote about motivation: “You have to do it daily.”
    • “You can have anything in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”
    • Zombies (disengaged employees)
    • “The faster way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits.”
  • Ep: 005 Matt Ward
    • Never thought he would be an entrepreneur
    • You have to over-deliver in your customer service.
    • If you take care of your employees and customers you will get a lot farther in life.
    • You have to get out of working in your business and start working on your business.
  • Ep: 006 Shep Hyken
    • Customer service guru
    • Moments of magic vs. moments of misery
    • Success is not going to happen by accident
  • Ep: 007 Charly Caldwell
    • Started out in the dial-up days
    • 5 Levers of Change
  • Ep: 008 Drew Hudgins
  • Ep: 009 Sherry Phalen
    • Turnaround Thinking™
  • Ep: 010 Carrie Tergin
    • Had so much energy
    • The habit that has led to her success is believing in herself
    • Grandfather always said, “You can have anything you want in America if you just work hard and treat people right.”
  • Ep: 011 Eric Lofholm
    • Master sales trainer
    • You either sell or be sold to in life
    • Started out as a failure and then changed his mindset to become a success
    • Sometimes you just have to hire that person for you to be accountable for their wages
    • Sales Mountain
  • Ep:012 Shawn Burcham
    • A lot of nuggets about business and life
    • Created a great culture in the business
    • Has made the culture very competitive

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